The above title says it all, "What's wrong with reverse osmosis water filtering?"  The state of the nation's water supply lately has been cause for alarm.  Every other day there's news reports about what is in our water & if at some point it will be unhealthy to consume.  Filtering at home is always a lovely suggestion, but using reverse osmosis may not be the way.

Our waters are filled with everything under the sun; pesticides, drugs, feces, & illegal industrial dumping of waste materials.  Microorganisms like Giardia or Cryptosporidium routinely pass through lots of of our cities filtering systems where their dormant cyst-like state protects them from being killed by chlorine.  Even the chlorine is poisonous!  & using bottled water is no better than the tap from your faucet at home.  Although lots of bottled water companies need the public to think that their water comes from glaciers like Switzerland & the like, it is ordinary tap water.

In the event you need to stay healthy, filters must be used on a every day basis.  But which of them ought to be used? Will a reverse osmosis filter be the way to go? Possibly not because it is very inefficient and    takes out the necessities they need in the water which makes it healthy.  Reverse osmosis works by putting pressure on the water to be filtered so that it passes through a porous membrane. The water passes through, but the impurities do not. Calcium is one of the essential items needed & reverse osmosis obliterates it . Without calcium, our bones would be greatly affected which is why using reverse osmosis is not the way to go.

In addition, by using reverse osmosis you'll waste about five gallons of water for every pure gallon you make.  At this stage, they are not in a position to waste any water, in the work of the summer months when our water supply gets very low. So, in the event you are thinking about using a reverse osmosis filter to be healthy, it is advisable to find another solution.

By: David Cassell

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